BOIBAND Perineum Video

PERINEUM. Our pornographic anti-lullaby.

Volcanic kisses
Black bird witnesses
Whistling the night out of the dark
Lovers hands in the moon light
Doors open
Pray for my perineum

Skin and dildos
With curious desires
Timelessness turns from pale to plastic
I wear a crown of holes
Pelvic blooms
Pray for my perineum

Oh, come to my assistance
your insane hands
Moonlight cactus where I bend and pray
Dandelion Lovebites
Oh oh oh
Pray for my perineum

Your leg around my neck
Like an anaconda
Deep in the cinnamon and fig
May my sins live forever

Listen to me now
I am your perineum
I am singing out
from the triangle region
I am working on
some pathetic rhymes
To become popular
Spoil me
Pray for me
Kiss me
Your perineum